Weekend cake peek

Grow your own icing grass - using icing tip # 233


Anonymous said...

Nice cake.Archana,will you mind if i email you?

Anonymous said...

Marvellous! Amazing! Simply great!You're a baking and decorating expert for sure.If I show this to my toddler, he sure would cry to get this wonderful grass and car cake:) Cake is the only thing he likes and cars are his favorite toy.:)


shankari said...

superb, waht else can I say

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Wow Archana.... it looks wonderful:)

gattina said...

I miss your cakes so much that everyday I come see your blog, sometimes a few times a day!
I can imagine what a big bright smile of the boy once he sees this master piece of yours! I especially that those "rocks", amasing colors!

maneka nirmal said...

adipoli............was it a present for someone?? who is that lucky kid?? anyway,that was a real good piece of art..archana,u r welcome to send a cake to me at anytime..he.he.i like to taste it before rating it..!!!!!!

Monisha said...

How adorable is that! I love the Nascar theme, looks great!

Prema Sundar said...

Awesome Archana.. The grass and the rocks are so nice .

Meena Kandlakuti said...

archana..another amazing cake for me right???? :-)) its really great love to know the details how to do???

Annita said...

How did you make that road and rocks? Nice color combination..Archana.. Another great work!!!

Anali said...

That looks beautiful and I can just taste the frosting! Yum!

Faffer said...

Spurred by your comment on my blog, I have finally updated it. Have a look at the quiz I've posted when you can. Thanks.

You must have made a little boy very happy with that adorable cake.

saakshi said...

WOW.... Archana, you are a true baker. The cake looks lovely. Inspired by you I signed up for the Wilton Cake Decorating classes at Michael's. Hope some day I can come close to your talent. Great job! Keep it up.

Foodie's Hope said...

WOW!! That's a one beautiful cake you have created! Must have taken forever! Good job!!:)

Happy Diwali!

wheresmymind said...

My wife would so dig this!! Whenever she needs a good idea she stops by your site :D

Annita said...

Hi Archana,
I've tried decorating a cake,all inspired by u only.So thought of informing you about it first.Thanks again for all the help u've provided.

mandira said...

I have only one word... awesome! wonderful cake archana

Deepz said...

amazin work archana. uve definitely taken baking to a different level. im sure the kid who is gonna get this cake will love and adore it.

Shilpa said...

Oh my god...thats so beautiful. U r a geneous Archana.

Anonymous said...

With all the healthy talk going around the Indian blogs, I believe with all my heart that there is no hydrogenated fat in that frosting, right??? That would be wonderful, especially if you could share the healthy recipe for kids.

Linda said...

Hi Archana -- gorgeous as usual! Love the giant chocolatey swirls on the side, too :)

shruti said...

yummy cake....
feeling hungry...

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
YOur cake looks veryyyyy nice.Thanks for the visual treat.

Paddukoti said...

woh amazing!!!

shammi said...

ooohhh.. brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Your cakes are truly works of art, Archana.

Hema said...

Ah after a long time, another masterpiece. Love the rocks in the sides!

Shaheen said...

How do u do the grass? Just curious, not that I am even going to attempt this. Looks so professional.

Manisha said...

Been thinking of you! Esp since someone showed up at pottery class with a set of cake decorating tools - except we're using them on clay!

Loved this cake!

archana said...

Thank you. You absolutely can.

Thank you. I wish you were anywhere closer to Portland.

Shankari, Priya

Thank you friends.

Thank you dear for being such an inspiration. I am almost always there on your blog , and you never fails to impress me, never ever !

This is an old cake Su, this was for a friend, who wanted to surprise her neighbor’s kids. She baked this cake and I decorated it. She is a good baker and of course the cake was delicious.

Monisha ,Prema
Thanks a bunch.

Take it please. This cake just so simple to do, I will write a how to on this and add to the post. Thank you

Thank you. Rocks and road are made of fondant/ For making rocks I mixed 2 colors of fondant and chocolate and made discs out of it. Road is just a cutout from rolled out black fondant. Crushed Oreo cookie as mud, tip 233 icing grass.

Thnak you

Welcome back, I am so happy that you started blogging again, had fun going through those questions. Thank you.

Thank you. Wow, that is superb; you are going to be so impressed with your own talents. Have fun, enjoy. Wish you all the best. Hope you will share your cake photos with us.

Foodie's Hope
Thank you. Happy Diwali to you Asha. This was fairly an easy cake to decorate, we just went around the take sticking those rocks, it was fun!

Thank you, looking forward to see more of Steph’s beautiful cakes.

Bravo !!!!!! Thank you for letting me know. Have fun Annita.

Thank you so much

Rocks, road and bugs are marshmallow fondant(- basically sugar and gelatin ) and chocolate. Grass is “butter” butter cream. I frost all my cakes with butter based buttercream. But for doing some of the advanced butter icing flowers I use veg shortening based BC, but there is none in this cake. This is a choice that you have to make, and specify when you order a cake.

Linda, Shruti,Menu today,Paddukoti
Thank you so much

Shammi, Hema
Thanks a lot.

Thank you. Just pipe buttercream using a piping bag fitted with icing tip no.233, and you got it. It is super easy.

Thank you dear, how are your classes going? I would love to learn pottery someday.

rp said...

And what is that smooth black surface?

Manisha said...

Archana, I'm not really good at it! But I keep going for its therapeutic effect. I'll do a pottery only post one of these days and you'll see what I mean!

Check out what this talented lady does with clay. She has amazing talent. I'm pretty sure you will take to it like fish to water!

Happy Diwali!

Bhargavi said...

Nice cake Archana!!

Happy Diwali!!

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Anonymous said...

how am i going to make a clay model and make a wedding cake out of it?

from emma xxx

Anonymous said...

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