Happy Thanksgiving

indosungod  – (10:27 AM)  

Archana, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

rp –   – (11:50 AM)  

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Archana.

Indira  – (11:57 AM)  

Dear Archana,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Asha  – (2:55 PM)  

Thank you Madam and same to you!

Gini  – (6:19 PM)  

So enthonke undaki? That sweet potato dish has been tempting me a lot. What grill pan do you use? The grill marks look perfect. I had to work today, had thanksgiving lunch at work. The one at home will have to wait till tomorrow. Hope you had fun.

Tanuja  – (9:03 PM)  

Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur family,enjoy ur holiday.

Linda  – (5:44 AM)  

Hope you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving, Archana... what a pretty photo! Sweet potatoes piped through the pastry bag look beautiful too :)

Lakshmi  – (10:21 AM)  

Happy Thanksgiving Archana

Tamanna  – (1:06 PM)  

I have to say, I've come by for a while but damn, I love ur page. The beige does wonders to your pictures.

gattina  – (1:13 AM)  

thank you!
During my trip the beautiful image of your mashed sweet potato kept warming my heart :)

RP  – (8:28 AM)  

മെഴുകുതിരിയും കത്തിച്ച് വെച്ചിട്ടെവിടെപ്പോയി?

കേക്ക് കേക്ക്..........അടുത്ത കേക്കിനു സമയമായീ..........

Vidhu and Shoma  – (6:01 PM)  

njanum ithu chodikkan irikkuka aayirunnu. mezhukuthiri katthichu vachittu evide poyi Archane?

Thanksgiving inu Turkey thinnum wine kazhichum poose aayathano?

archana  – (10:23 PM)  

Thank you all my dear friends, hope all of enjoyed a happy thanksgiving weekend.
Rpee- Edakkenganum current poyalo ennu vicharichu kathichu vachathane..
V& S
Enikkonnum manszhilaakunnillao,wine over ayathavum. Hi Hi

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