Simple desserts - Farina Pudding with warm berry compote

Simple is not always plain, it is not definitely boring, and if you are talking desserts, at times it can be out of this world delicious! We always reserve the flamboyant sugary creations for those occasions when we have company (which blessedly we have often - another reason to love Portland), but savor simpler ones whenever we wish. What I make often is influenced by the taste dispositions of two prominent members of our household. They both love fresh fruits, milk products and keep their distance from anything cloyingly sweet.

Farina pudding 1

This simple rava pudding serves them right, it pleases me enormously since regardless of the miniscule amount of effort that I put in, it looks inviting and tastes soothingly good. If you are making this pudding, be sure to top it with sharply contrasting compotes made of berries, for as much as I know peach doesn't sit right on this.

Farina pudding 2

Everything is served with a berry on top in our house now! You can’t help noticing the riot of colors in the fruit section of the grocery shop and buy a pack or two. We know that very soon we will have to dive into our freezers to find some, so while it is fresh and plenty, we are trying our best to enjoy it. The berry compote I usually make for topping this pudding has both cooked and uncooked strawberries in it for the color and the crunch respectively.

Number of Servings - 4

Rava (Farina) - 1/4 cup

Evaporated Milk - 1/4 cup

Milk - 2 cups

Sugar - 1/2 cup

Salt - a pinch

Water - 2 cups

Vanilla essence (optional) - 3 drops

In a thick bottomed pan, boil 2 cups of water, add rava and salt, cook stirring constantly ( with a wire whisk preferably) at medium heat, till the mixture is thick ( Takes about 5-7 minutes) Turn the heat to low, add milk, vanilla and cook with stirring till the mixture coats a wooden spoon. Turn off the heat and add evaporated milk. Now the mixture will have the thickness of crepe batter, it will set while cooling. Pour into serving dishes and chill for at least 11/2 hours. Serve with warm berry compote on top

Fresh strawberry compote

Chopped up strawberries - 1 cup

Thinly sliced strawberries - 1 cup

Sugar - 3/4 cup

Lemon zest (optional) - 1/4 tsp

Mix sugar, chopped up berries, cook in a thick bottomed pan till the sugar dissolves in the released berry juice and the mixture turns red. By this time pieces will be tender. Turn of the heat; let it cool to room temperature. Add lemon zest and thinly sliced berries. Serve atop the pudding.


Anh said...

I love this deesert of yours! So pretty and simple!

Anonymous said...


Cooking Blog Indexer said...

That's a simple dessert..looking delicious...

Radhika said...

I believe this is my first visit to your blog and I simply loved your recipes. This one especially the blue background and the berries compliment each other. Looking forward to connect with you and learn more. Happy Cooking n Happy Blogging.

Mishmash ! said...

So gorgeous! it's like our good old rava payasam getting a makeover and going for a date with the beauty Queen :)and it;s so irresistible!

How re u , T and Sarah? she must be a preschooler by now right?

archana said...

Thank you, i am glad that you liked it.

CB INdexer
Thank you, and welcome to this blog if you havn't been here before

Good to see you here, looking forward to keep in touch with you through our blogs. Thank you very much for visiting and thanks again for your kind words.

Good to see you here dear,hope you are having a ton of fun with your little boy. Sarah is turning three in one month, time flies ! We are all doing good, it is so good to see you back to blogging. You are right on, it is kind of an easy all time favorite,isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Nice pics & recipies dear

Where did u get ur spoon.:-)

archana said...

Hi Anon,
Glad that you liked it, it was bought from Kitchen Kaboodle some 4 years ago.


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