MEME -Ten things I miss of my mother's cooking

Photo taken in International Rose Test Garden - Portland

Nabeela and Vineela tagged me for my first ever MEME, thank you friends.

Whatever my mother cooked, she served it with a generous topping of good cheer and humor sense. That attitude is perhaps what I miss the most about my mother’s cooking. No pretense, always welcoming suggestions, ever ready to learn a new trick or two in the kitchen. She cherishes an inherent propensity for trying out diverse recipes, not quite taken aback whenever a recipe fails, and always keeps her chin up looking for the next big adventure. Although she cooks and I eat all kinds of foods, I love and miss her vegetarian preparations the most. So here is my top 10 for today….

1) Aviyal, Erissery, Kootucurry,Olan, Ingi curry and everything she prepares for Onam.

2) Pickles of all sorts, and chammantipodi

3) Fish pollichathu ( Traditional Alappuzha style preparation)

4) Pathiri and Ullippal

5) Appam and Vegetable stew

6) All payasams

7) Thair Vada & Rasa vada

8) Banana Puttu

9) All kinds of evening snacks

10) Idli, Sambar, coconut chutney combination

I am passing this on to NAV, NILA, COOKING THEORY and YUM


Anonymous said...

I was waitng to read this meme from you,what is ullippal?

starry said...

your amma cooked some yummy food.

Sudha said...

Thats a lovely list archana, brings back my meomories of stay in trivandrum.Though i was very young, i still remeber the onam sadya(hope i spelt it right.), the unjal on the mango tree branches and attha poovu..

Rajesh &Shankari said...

yummy.. i guess you got your passion for cooking &creating from her

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,

i have a question regarding meat u coat the top with just the egg white or use the yolk part too???

archana said...

Thank you. Ullippal is coconut milk with some added sugar,salt, and sauted/browned red onions.

Starry N,
Thank you

Thank you. That's exactly what i remember about my childhood onams too. You got everything right !!!

Thank you, i think so....

I used whole egg,everything together !!!

Anonymous said...


Banana Puttu - athenthuttu puttu?

Vineela said...

Hi Archana,
My favourite is Thayir vada.
What is rasa vada
Thanks for the information about Rose garden.

Sumitha said...

Hi Archu!Rasa vada,I had never heard of it before,but hubby says that it is when you make uzhunu vada and dip it in rasam just like sambar vada and thair vada!So interesting!I am sure it will be delicious.Want to try some with rasam soon!

archana said...

Puttuppodi, nenthrappazham vattathil arinjathu,veendum podi,topped with thenga, angine angine, layer cheytha puttu. Onnu style akkiyekkam ennu vicharichu banana puttu ennu kachiyathaneee...

I love it too, Rasa vada is vada soaked in rasam, usually made with lentil vada and occasionally with uzhunnu vada. Rose garden is in full bloom now, Vineela, that's such magical place with all kinds of roses around. In the website they have all very dull pics.

Your hubby is right, it is vada soaked in rasam. My mother makes it usually with lentil vada ( parippu vada), and i have tasted the one made with uzhunnu vada too. Try it out, it soothingly good !!!

Nila said...

yummy list. I like all vadas and payasam too. Thank you for tagging me archana.

Rushina said...

Hi Archana,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good thing too since I meant to comment on the lovely meat puffs but procatinated. As usual one more lovely offering from your kitchen... It was lovely to read about your memories of your mom.


Annita said...

What is this Ullippal ,Archana?haven't heard of it..!!

Unknown said...

Yummy list. Err.. will u be ever blogging on banana puttu? sounds interesting. Never came across b4.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice post.. very sober... lovely flower too.


yum said...

Nice of you to tag me :)

Your list sounds delish. Im sure your mom is very proud of your baking skills also! Your cakes are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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