Simple fried dough

Fall colors are creeping into the greenbelt to which our apartment opens through a deck, and to give a preview of a proper Oregon fall awaiting us, it is raining. I love rain; I am from a place where it rains cats and dogs for at least a month every year. The euphony of raindrops falling on rooftops and wind gliding over leaves, make me feel right at home no matter where in the world I am. A hot cup of tea, a comfy book to read, and an occasional piece of fried dough to bite on, create my kind of celebration to light up a dim rainy day.

This recipe is for the fried dough locally known as “Vettu (cut) Cake” in the central coastal region of Kerala, I am sure there are other regional names for this good stuff.

All purpose flour - 2 cups
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Sugar - ½ cup
Water - 1 cup
Cardamom seeds crushed - from 2 pods
Nutmeg powder (Optional) - a pinch
Egg ( Optional) - 1
Vegetable oil - for deep frying

Mix baking powder and flour (sifting together is recommended). Add sugar, cardamom,mix well and add one beaten egg ( if using). Add enough water and make a tight dough. Divide the dough into 8-12 portions of equal size. Shape the dough roughly like a square with your hands. Finish shaping all the pieces. Run a sharp knife over the formed piece to make two medium deep cuts resembling a cross. Fry in vegetable oil, till golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Stores well at room temperature in tightly closed containers for up to 3-4 days.
* Egg is recommended if you prefer a more cake like texture.


Maneka Nirmal said...

archana thanks for the recipe..This was my favorite snack when i was a kid. My mom always used to keep a big glass jar full of cakes only for me.. Being a selfish girl, I never bothered to share it even with my brother who occasionally visits from the boarding school.. Sorry I went back to old memories... my mother used to add eggs in to this.
To all my fellow bloggers,try this recipe...its super delish..

Anonymous said...

Archana, you're tempting me at a very weak moment here... I might have to run right to the kitchen and try this! The photo is delightful, as is the tale of the rain. I love rain in the autumn too. Thanks for sharing :)

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
Really wonderful snack!!!! Will try this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

archana said...

Wow, we are in the same boat.I just love it so much. Thank you for reminding me about the use of eggs in the recipe. My mother uses eggs in the recipe too, i skip it most of the time as i like the "baking powder biscuit" taste. These taste more like cakes when you have one or two eggs in the recipe, so i have modified the recipe to include eggs. Thank you.

Thank you for these kind words Linda.

Hope you like it, thank you.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

Archana...must try... with a simple ingredients such a yummy dish..... ouuuu can't wait to give a try!!

Gattina Cheung said...

so there's is a sort of rainy season in your state then. I love fall too but somehow it always draws me to depression as what follows next is the long winter... so your fried dough is the best treat to cheer me up! I see your good skill in shaping the doughs and frying them to perfection, love them!

Shah cooks said...

as usual , looks very tempting and just the right thing for fall..

Sudha said...

Archana,perfect snack for a rainy evening..i will make them for sure very soon..thanks for sharing..lovely gonna have some stright from the photo..:-)

Lakshmi said...

Hi Archana
have to try this one, may be my kids will like it, they are so picky.
I was just going th' all your recipes and Meme...the snaps are just wonderful, and the snap for ONAM was tempting..I wish I was sitting in front of that.

Krithika said...

This is such a wonderful snack. Did you add egg ? How will this turn out if you dont add egg ? Thanks so much for sharing

wheresmymind said...

I think you need some powdered sugar on those ;)

Anonymous said...

Its a must try for me too,Archana..Great photo as usual,and very tempting too.But I haven't heard of this 'Vettu' cake..its completely new to me..Thanks for sharing this

Anonymous said...

Archana, I dont think I have tasted this before. I love anything that tastes like cake. I might just try this. Fried heh? Do you think they can be baked?

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,
Thanks for the delightful trip to Oregon and a mouthwatering recipe!

Ashwini said...

Thats one sinful snack Archana :-)
I didn't know about this at all...

Vaishali said...

This Cut Cake is totally new to me, Archana. And it looks so sinful. I hardly manage to fry anything, but I won't mind it if somebody offered these to me. ;-)

Meena Kandlakuti said...

the dish looks simple yet tasty.easy to try and have it any time.Thanks for sharing

Nabeela said...

I've been thinking of making some fried dough too(beignets) for a while...even bought canola oil in bulk...but just don't have the time or patience for it :(
Your cakes look wonderful and not at all greasy...that's the one thing I'm afraid of when deep frying

Anonymous said...

Archana, itz a tempting one specially with that lovely picture. Now I can't wait for rain :)) to make the dish.

Anonymous said...


I tried this just now. i made small bite size pieces. Came out pretty well. Planning to make it without egg next time. It is simple yet delicious one. Thanks for sharing.

sra said...

Archana, lovely pix. my blog has the same template as yours, must learn from your colour schemes. have linked to it

starry said...

The picture says it all. really tempting and fall is around hte corner. time to curl up with a book and have a piece of the bread.

Anonymous said...

This is something I can try. :) I know this snack, but never made it myself. I totally forgot about this snack until now. Can't wait to try it out.

Archana, I have one question about your panna cotta. Can I substitute agar agar/china grass for gelatine? If yes, how? how much? I have agar strips(not powdered). Please give me the directions.

Anonymous said...

"The euphony of raindrops falling on rooftops and wind gliding over leaves, make me feel right at home no matter where in the world I am."

- goosebumps when I read that..I miss Kerala :(

I have never even heard about this at all!

Unknown said...

Hi Archana,
Very nice and simple cake. Sure to try it . The picture is wonderful and tempting as usual.

Chandrika said...


I tried it without egg and it came out well...Thanks for a delicious recipe...

Anonymous said...

Archana it turned out very well. Thnx for sharing. Check mine at

Anonymous said...,appetizing..gotta try this..Thanks archana for this lovely recipe.

FH said...

Beautiful dessert, Archana! Already cooked by Jaya too , thanks to you! Keep it up!! :)))

Rashmi said...

I have tagged you.Fill in when you find time.

Mandira said...

it is fall over here too. the temperature has started dipping... this recipe will definitely cheer everyone up :) Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Love these kind of snacks and a hot cup of coffee on rainy days. Its been raining here for the past couple of days. Shall try it this weekend.

sra said...

hi archana, thanks, will visit often

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I made this. I think when egg is added, the water quantity should be reduced right? I think there shouldnt be any water?

archana said...

Thank you, hope you like it.

Thank you, I am glad that you liked it. There is one good long monsoon season ( used to be) and then occasional rains year around.

Shaheen, Sudha
Thank you so much friends.

Welcome back, we missed you. Thank you.

I did not add eggs in the cakes that you see in the photo, but have tasted the ones made with egg many times before. I love the texture of baking powder biscuits, so I usually stick to the egg less recipe. Both versions are equally good, egg definitely make it a bit more moist.

I agree, a fine dusting of sugar will be super good.

Thank you Annita

You can bake it, but then you will have to add at least two eggs in the recipe to compensate the longer exposure to temperature, and then probably ¼ -1/2 tsp more baking powder. Then it will almost become a not so “caky” cake, but I think it will still be good.

Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you Ash.

Thank you. That sounds like my policy; I rarely make fried goodies, but always wish someone to give me some.

Thanks a bunch

Thank you so much

What a splendid surprise, can’t ask for more. Thank you for trying out this one, you were super fast, and those cakes looked lovely!!! Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, it is very exciting to hear. I am so happy that you liked it. Bite sized pieces will be fun.

Welcome aboard, you have got a nice blog going. Thank you for linking me up. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

Oh, yes, I can even imagine you writing a poem sitting on that couch.

Thank you, hope you will try this one. You know this, just in case if anybody has the same Q in mind, the substitute is 1 ½ tsp agar agar (approximately 3-3.5g)

Inji Pennu
Glad to have you back here Ingi. Don’t we all?

Now when I think about it, I see that I would love a plate of spicy bajis and pakoras too. Yes, love those rains!

Thank you so much

What a rewarding day !!! Thank you so much Chandrika, I just so happy.

Lera, Foodie’s hope
Thank you so much for all these kind words, I am glad that you liked it.
Thank you. Sounds interesting. I am thinking about all my worst food experiences now.

Mandira, PriyaS&S , Sra
Thank you so much folks.

Inji Pennu
Wow, I am feeling too good right now. Yes, “enough” water will just be fine, it depends on the size of the egg that you are adding.

Anupama said...

I am really tempted to try out this one, though it must be very high calorie. But I'll just banish that thought for some time and make it. Must taste somewhat like a doughnut. am I right?

Anonymous said...


it looks great!!! for a person like me who has a sweet tooth do u suggest any sweet glaze to slather on these fried dough?? :))

Unknown said...

Ah! The goodness of simple food! Looks and sounds truly divine. How i'd love it if someone gimme one of those buns and a book to relax with- bliss!

Would these be good enough to bake too??

indosungod said...

Archana I read about your blog in an article 'The Taste of Dal Online' in the magazine "The Indian American". The article featured Mahanadhi and Spicyana, article written by Mandira Banerjee (

You richly deserve it.

indosungod said...

I have the URL wrong it is

Jen said...

For something that seems so plain this looks and sounds amazingly delicious. Well done, another gorgeous creation!

brindha said...

The snack is so appealing.Planning to try it today.

All ur pics r dazzling
Iam a fresher to this blogger world and u r my inspiration to join the list.

here is my blog url

Rajesh &Shankari said...

When our trin whizzed thro kerala, it started raining and the lush green is the green I have not seen before, I thought if U, Inji Pennu, Sumitha and a whole bunch of others, I missed having this cake!

archana said...

Yes Anupama, the texture is more like a dehydrated doughnut. I do let it go sometimes too.

Thank you. Here is a simple no hassle glaze recipe. 1/2 cup confectioners sugar + 1/2 tsp lemon juice+ drops of falvoring of your choice. Beat together with 1 tsp water till the mixture is shiny. Might need a little bit more water to adjust the consistency. Drizzle over the cake.

Thank you. I guess you could, then you might need some extra eggs of oil to moisten the dough for the longer baking time.

Thank you so much for these kind words friend,i truly appreciate your encouragement.

Thanks a bunch.

Thank you so much, i am so excited to hear this. Welcome aboard,have fun all the way. Wish you all the best.

Welcome back, welcome back. Did you stop in Kerala? Thank you for thinking about us, you touched my heart today.

Sandhya said...

Archana, thank you for the recipe. I chanced upon it when I was searching for something completely different. The funny thing is as I was reading the recipe, I swear I could smell the aroma of frying the cakes. I am from Kerala and now in uk and feeling nostalgic about the 4.00 o clock snacks with tea. In my memory though the cakes were yellow.

I will be coming back to see new recipes. Thank you

Tigy said...

Dear Archana,

Its rain now in kerala. I love vettu cake and was thinking of having few this evening. I couldn't control my emotions and started searching for "vettu cake" on yahoo search engine and found your receipe on top. Thanks a lot!!. I'm gonna try this at home..


Unknown said...

thanx for the recipe...tried this..came out well. really very tasty. can i try baking with this dough?

Anonymous said...

wonderful work Archna... give us some more good unique recipes. believe me, your photographer is excellent in the work, cause that tempts us to cook, and it comes out as wonderful as it should be... thanx once again....


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