Weekend cake peek
Fondant ribbon roses

Cake covered with marshmallow fondant, topped with M fondant roses,leaves, and beads. M fondant irregular pearl border.


Rajesh &Shankari said...

How does anyone eat your cakes, I would like to just stand and stare at the beauty...

Meena Kandlakuti said...

what can I say again..beautiful just as a potrait...you deserve much more compliments for your hard work.Thanks for sharing nice photo

Prema Sundar said...

Its so lovely Archana.. I also dont like to eat such a beautiful cake.

Gattina Cheung said...

although I've said it many times, still can't stop me saying again, you're truely talented and artistic!
This design is very eccentric, and has a lot of "playful" elements - irregular peal sizes and unusual position for the bouquet, and turning a glob of fondant to fabric-like flowers and leather-like shell... bravo!!! Archana, I never thought of that!

Mamatha said...

That's so pretty. The quilt-like grooves on the icing, the cascading flowers and the string of marshmallow pearls make it look like a jewel-case. Splendid!

Shah cooks said...

Every time I see a smiley next to ur blog(meaning its updated)My heart skips a beat..ooooh.. what new treats has archana come up with!!!I like the way the flowers seem to overflow from the cake.

Krithika said...

What a gorgeous creation !!

sra said...


Anonymous said...

Very Pretty Spicy !!
Love that glossy white M.Fondant , how does it hold-up??

Anonymous said...

Where are you from? Ginger Bread House??

Nidhi said...

Amazing as always...nothing more to say. I have also tried something in this direction and will soon post the picture and recipe of it (ofcourse not as beautiful as yours). Give me some tips for making it more appealing. Thanks for sharing the pic..

Anonymous said...

Will you please tell me how you designed and created it in this stunning way it looks? Unbelievable!

Maneka Nirmal said...

i am Fascinated...there is another cutie beauty is born to the spicyana family!!

starry said...

OMG just want to pick a flower off that cake. Beautiful as usual .Dont know if I would want to cut into that, maybe just keep it on the table for everyone to see.Just too beautiful.

Mrs. K said...

Oops! All those roses are in my mouth now. Guess you will have to make another batch soon. ;)

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
Excellent (Hard) work!!!!! Nice pic. Thanks for sharing.

FH said...

Oh Man!! You and Monisha are taking over all the cake bakers in US!!BEAUTIFUL!! I am not even going to try,leave to you experts but enjoy looking at them!!:))

Anonymous said...

I think it fits in perfectly for you.... have the cake and eat it too!!!! haha.... amazing archana!!!! truely awesome!!!!

TNL said...

Delightful....just looking at the cake is enough to make me smile!


Anupama said...

Beutiful beautiful beautiful. Archana your stuff is always so beautiful that its really difficult even to comment on it. No comment can do it justice.

Nav said...

I second other commenters here.. I will never ever be able to eat such lovely creations..They are picture perfect Archana!


Anonymous said...

another masterpiece!

wheresmymind said...

Been dying to see another one of your beautiful cakes!

Hyderabadi's said...

Georgeous :)

Mandira said...

looks beautiful archana... she is one lucky bride!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and perfect as always,Archana!!

Shilpa said...

Do I need to say anything??? As always..its simply amazing....

Anonymous said...

What more can I say than Its just beautiful !!! Whenever you decide to start your bakery let me know. Whereever I am I would order one and probably just stare at the beauty of your cake :-) But on a serious note you really could go professional with your talent dear.

Anonymous said...

Ms talented....beautiful roses and lovely pastel colors

Priya said...

That so beautiful archana. I don't think I will eat it:-))

Lakshmi said...

wow hats off Archana, i just can't say how beautiful your cake is.

archana said...

Thank you, looks like that you were here when I posted, so fast!

Thank you so much, you always light up this blog with your kind words.

Thank you, I am going to be so disappointed if no one wants to eat this cake.

I should be rolling on ground with joy; I have always been a steady and ardent fan of your excellent work Gattina. Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you for the kind words; you have an eye for the details, don’t you?

Thank you dear, I am flattered. I am happy that you noticed the positioning of the flowers; I wanted to make this cake a bit funky.

Krithika , Sra
Thank s a bunch

Priya S&S
Thank you Priya. Fondant is pretty sturdy; doing anything with it is pretty easy too. I have highlighted certain areas of this cake with luster dust.

Wow, that is cute!!! I might end up eating my own house though!! Thank you

Thank you. I am sure yours is cute as well, looking forward to see the pics. I am glad to help with what I know. Please feel free to email me if you think that I can answer a question that you might have.

Thank you. Cake is lightly brushed with buttercream, and covered with MM fondant. Soon after that I free handed those shapes ( except those rounds, for which I used a mini cookie cutter as a template) with an embossing tool ( something like a steel skewer stick will do) Then I went over the lines with a pointed tool to make dots so that it will resemble stitches. (Although it may sound boring and tedious, it was easy, fast and so much fun) Then I highlighted selected areas with white luster dust, made some irregular pearls and arranged it as a border. Arranged the ribbon flowers, leaves and beads in a slanting position (blobs of fondant was used to support the arrangement wherever necessary). That is pretty much it. Please let me know if any of the steps above are not clear.

Thank you dear.

Starry nights
Thank you so much for these kind words.

Ayyo !!!! Oru glass vellam kudikkuuu, vegam !!!! Thank you RP.

Menu Today
Thank you. It was not really hard to do, I am glad that you liked it.

Foodie's Hope
Thank you Asha. You will know it when you do it, that this is all very simple once you learn the techniques.

Thank you, thank you!

I am just so happy to hear that, thank you.

Can’t thank you enough, still…. THANK YOU !

Thank you so much, I do cherish these kind words.

Thank you so much

Wheresmymind said...
I am flattered, thank you.

Thank you

Thank you so much.

Thank you friend.

Thank youuuu

Thanks a bunch

Oh, yes, if I ever start a bakery, I will definitely send you a cake (that’s if you tell me your name, Ha..Ha !!). Thank you so much pal.

Thank you, I am glad that you liked it.

Thank you, but I will love it even more if you eat it.

Glad to see you back Lakshmi, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana, I don't know what happened to my original comment here... and I can't remember exactly what it was (must be getting old) :(

At any rate, the cake is simply stunning... really could never tire of looking at your beautiful creations :)

Lakshmi said...

just wonderful Archana. even I agree with Shankari, how can anyone eat your cakes.

arundati said...

dear archana.....its undeniably cliched...but true...your creations are amazing...cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Just fantabulous!! I couldn't take my eyes off this one...Archana you are the best!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Archana. The quilt-like look is simply fantastic! The asymmetrical design is awesome! You are incredible!

Simply the icing on the cake ~ by Jo said...

WOW! - this is beautiful - I make cakes too, its nice to see that others are happy to share such beautiful creations!

Thanks x

Simply the icing on the cake ~ by Jo said...

WOW! - this is beautiful - I make cakes too, its nice to see that others are happy to share such beautiful creations!

Thanks x

Anonymous said...

Will you be kind enough to send this to a girl in Florida wishing her 'Get well soon' ? ;)

archana said...

Oh, dear Ingi, could you pls pls send me your address. I was thinking about asking for your address anyway.

Anonymous said...

ayye! njaan veruthe konjanathanu...
ippo ellarude aduthum ithum paranju number irakkal aanu paripaadi :)

archanakutti angine onnum vichaarikkanda.. :)

swapna susarla said...

the cake looking so great.ver very beautiful.................

there is no such word to explain how nice it is.
thanks for sharing.

Sophia said...


Gorgeous looking cake. How do you make marshmallow fondant? May I know did you use royal icing for your leaves? They looked so glossy.

Thank you in advance.


Sophia said...


Gorgeous looking cake. How do you make marshmallow fondant? May I know did you use royal icing for your leaves? They looked so glossy.

Thank you in advance.


Simonne said...

HI, wanna ask do u use "toothpick" on the roses to make it stand on the cake ?
I made some MM fondant today, but i do not know how to stick it on cake


archana said...

Here's the link for MM fondant
Leaves are made of MM fondant too, i brushed it with little bit of sugar syrup to make it glossy

Yes, i did use toothpicks, plus these flowers are mounted on a blob of fondant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,

I am planning to try one for my daughters birthday. Thanks for sharing. For making roses did you add add gum tex into the fondant.

archana said...

I did not add GumTex for making these roses,you don't have to. When you are making the usual/petal roses with M fondant you need to add GT. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Unknown said...

Amamzing! How did you get your M fondant so white? I just covered a cake in it for an "all white" party and it is more ivory than white. Used quality marshmallows, shortening and powdered sugar...Thanks for sharing with us!


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