A good root !

Sweet potato is a nifty root, and when it comes to cooking with it I somehow sport a minimalist approach. I have made chiffon pies and biscuits out of it, yet plain boiling or baking is still the favored method for cooking this root in our household. But whenever we chance upon substantially interesting recipes, we get all the less prejudiced about it, and carry on with our pots and pans. Here are two recent additions to our sweet potato repertoire.

1) Grilled

Recipe from C for Cooking - Thank you.

2) Whipped

4 cups Sweet potatoes cooked and mashed
2 teaspoon unsalted butter (optional)
2 tablespoons cream
1 tablespoon pure maple syrup
Salt and pepper or maple sugar ( or demerara sugar, just for the look of it) -to taste.

Mix all the ingredient except the last one, beat vigorously with a handheld mixer till the mixture is smooth and shiny. Season with salt and pepper for serving as a side dish. Pipe whipped potatoes and sprinkle with maple sugar to turn it into a light dessert. Recipe adapted from www.cooksrecipes.com


Nabeela said...

oh WOW!!! what a beautiful presentation Archana..I especially like the puree...did you use a pastry bag to pipe it like that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,
Wow! Great presentation. It looks wonderful and yummy!

sra said...

Great presentation. It's a vegetable I'm discovering nowadays.

Tanuja said...

Hi Archana,

Ur creativity in cookig is marvelous,the way u present them we have no words to express it.

Happy Thanks giving to U and ur Fmly:)Enjoy ur holidays.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Presentation Spicy !

Anonymous said...

BTW, what brand indoor grill do u suggest. We cant use any outdoor grill in this apartment, had one before moving. And how do I get those perfect grill marks ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love sweet potatoes, but unfortunately I am the only one at home who likes it. I do buy it occasionally and have it just steam cooked.. Grilled slices look so good. Hey I bought the grill pan a couple of weeks ago. Lodge preseasoned one from Amazon.

Priya Bhaskaran said...

hey Archana, that was amazingly presented....liked the dessert a lot..will try sometime:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful presentation! The color is soo 'thanksgivingy' :D :D

Good post, Archana. You and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Nabeela said...

yikes, just read the recipe and realized you DID pipe the potatoes...:)
silly me

Anonymous said...

Simply superb Archana. I love your presentation. Gorgeous.

Sia said...

hi archana,
another delight to eyes... they look divine:) i love the grill marks on sweet potato... looks absolutely 'wow'....

Sumitha said...

Ooooooooooh!!! has sweet potato ever looked so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome presentation!!

wheresmymind said...

So beatuiful!! I love the zest on top!

Chandrika said...

Oh! So Beautiful! You are making us fall in love with sweet potatoes!

Krithika said...

Didn't know whipped sweet potato could look this beautiful ! Grrrreat presentation as always

Siji vyloppilly said...

അര്‍ച്ചനയുടെ പ്രസന്റേഷന്റെ ഒരു ആരാധികയാണു ഞാന്‍.ഒരു നല്ല ആര്‍ട്ടിസ്റ്റാണെന്ന് ആ ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍ കാണുമ്പോഴറിയാം.പിന്നെ ബേക്കിങ്ങിന്റെ അവതരണവും വളരെ നന്ന്.കളര്‍ കോമ്പിനേഷനുകളാണ്‌ എനിക്ക്‌ പിടികിട്ടാത്തത്‌.അത്‌ ഒരു കഴിവുതന്നെയാണ്‌ട്ടോ.തിളങ്ങുന്ന ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍ എന്നാണ്‌ ഞാനവയെ വിശേഷിപ്പിക്കുന്നത്‌.എന്നെ പോലെയുള്ള നവാഗതര്‍ക്ക്‌ അതൊരു പേടിപ്പെടുത്തലാണ്‌.കാരണം ഒരുവിധമെങ്കിലും പടമെടുപ്പ്‌ നന്നായില്ലെങ്കില്‍ അര്‍ച്ചനയെപോലുള്ളവരുടെ മുമ്പില്‍ എങ്ങി നെയാണ്‌ ഒന്നു തലയുയര്‍ത്തുക.അഭിനന്ദിക്കുന്നതില്‍ എനിക്ക്‌ ഒരു പിശുക്കുമില്ല.ഇനിയും നല്ല പടങ്ങളോടൊപ്പം വെജിറ്റ്ടേറിയനായ എനിക്ക്‌ കുറച്ച്‌ നല്ല കുറിപ്പുകള്‍ പരീക്ഷിക്കാന്‍ കിട്ടും എന്നു കരുതുന്നു.ആശംസകള്‍...

Lakshmi said...

so creative Archana, nice snaps there.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Hyderabadi's said...

Happy thanks giving :)

Anonymous said...

wow..wow..wow..archana..that whipped one looks gorgeous..great work..

Anonymous said...

heard a commotion at sweet potato street.they all want to come to your house to be dressed up like that! what else can i say?

Praveena said...

Yum! Archana, all your posts are just so tempting, even with the simple grilled sweet potato!

FH said...

Your's looks wayyyy better than than Jeff's.(sorry Jeff!) Photo is gorgeous, I say that every time , I know! But I have to say it.

Love the the mashed sweet potatoes swirled up, yum!!

Sri said...

Archana,I could never have imagined anyone presenting a simple sweet potato this beautifully. It definitely takes an artist to present it this way,which we all know you are.

Vini K said...

Hello Archana,

I had to comment here.Many days go,before I even started blogging,I had made your shahi tukra for friends coming over for dinner.They simply loved it.It is now among one of my favourites.

Have to try your sweet potato recipes,esp as they are in season now in London.

Nidhi said...

Hello Archana,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Very nice presentation.

Thanks, Nidhi.

Anupama said...

Simply gorgeous sweet potatoes Archana. I am soon going to try Sweet POtato Bread.

archana said...

Thank you. As you found out,i did.

Vidhu and Shoma
Thank you friends.

Thank you

Thank you for these kind words, hope you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.

Priya s & s
Thank you. I used a stove top cast iron grilling pan for this. I have both nonstick and cast iron grill pans, and i have noticed that the cast iron pan always gives crisper grill marks. I slightly oil the pan before using it, and keep the pieces in for cooking only after the pan is hot.

Thank you RP,somehow this world stand devided when it comes to sweet potato. That's super good, you will love it more as days go by.

Priya B
Thank you so much

Thank you, hope you had a wonder Thanksgiving.

Thank you so much for writing all these nice things. Thank you.

Thank you for the recipe. That is a tiny little piece of green onion.

Thank you so much friends.

Enikkini 2-3 azhchathekku onnum kazhikkathe thanne geevikkam, ithrayum nalla vakkukal njan deserve cheyyunnunodo ennu samsayam undekilum valare valare nandi. Blog lokathilakku swagatham,will be around your blog in the days to come. Nandi.

Lakshmi, Hyderabadi's
Thank you. Hope you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.

Annita, Praveena
Thank you..

I am sure they were sharing their happiness in seeing Ingi back. Engineyundippol?

Thank you. Hoooooo Thanks.

Thank you, you are very kind.

Thank you for letting me know that you liked ST. It is always so refershing to hear these kind words. Thanks.

Thank you, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you. I have never tried a bread with SP,would love to try it out sometime.


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