Tiramisu Cookies

Not long ago, while scampering through a pile of books in a clearance sale, I picked up an edition of “Desserts-500 delicious recipes” by Ann Kay. Like in many of my spur of the moment cookbook purchases, I had no idea about this book altogether. It was in mint condition, had an elegantly styled photo on dust jacket and looked totally out of place in that tarnished assemblage of books. Priced barely under $15, studded with beautiful food shots and bearing a promising number of 500 in the title, the book marched straight into my collection. I am happy about it till this day ! The book is an interesting hodgepodge of dessert recipes ranging from an Indian Kulfi, to a Moroccan serpent cake, encompasses an array of well working recipes for cakes, pies, and frozen treats. I have relied heavily on this relatively no frills recipe book for many occasions, mainly as an inspiration for bringing in some diversity to the desserts I make.

Heterogeneity of the recipe collection is not the lone significant attribute of this book; there are plenty of refreshing takes on some of the popular desserts like Tiramisu. If you are willing to look beyond ladyfingers or if impatience bothers you when you wait for that bowl of tiramisu to chill off, there is a Tiramisu cookie recipe for you in the book. The recipe is for a soft and chewy sandwich cookie with a Mascarpone-coffee-rum center. The book recommends drizzling melted white chocolate all over the sandwich before decorating it further with chocolate shavings, a good idea as such. But I liked it better when I gave it a light and shade effect with dark and light coco powders. Making tiny little paper stencils for printing shapes on to these cookies is fun, make a heart, or make any shape you love. Falling for an eye candy dust jacket is a sin I commit often while buying cookbooks, but this one is an exception, I am not repenting!

For cookies
Butter (at room temperature) – ¼ cup
Confectioners sugar – ½ cup
Egg, beaten- 1
All purpose flour- ½ cup

For filling
Mascarpone cheese – 2/3 cup
Rum – 1 tbsp (Optional, though recommended)
Instant coffee powder – ½ to 1 tsp
Brown sugar-3 tbsp

For decoration
2 tbsp dark coco powder
1 tbsp light coco powder
* I used HERSHEY’S

To make the filling: Mix coffee powder with rum and beat together with the rest of the ingredients. Cover and chill until use.

To make cookies: Preheat oven to 375 degree. Line a cookie sheet with parchment. Cream together sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Add egg, mix well, mix in flour, and mix thoroughly to get a smooth batter. Fill the mixture in a piping bag fitted with ½ inch plain round nozzle (or simply make a cut of that size on the tip of a parchment /wax paper cone.), pipe 28 blobs on to the baking sheet, spaced slightly apart. Bake for 5-6 minutes. (Till the cookies are firm at the center and the edges are starting to brown) Remove from oven, and cool.

Assembling cookie Sandwiches
Take a pastry bag fitted with a round tip and fill with the prepared Mascarpone cream. Take a cookie; pipe a blob of cream filling and sandwich with another cookie of identical size. Repeat till all cookies are finished, and arrange on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Take 2 tbsp light coco powder in a tea strainer and dust all over the cookies. Carefully place the paper stencils (size of the paper should be bigger than the cookie with a small cutout portion of the desired shape in the center) over the cookie and lightly dust with dark coco powder. Remove the stencils; you should be able to see the stenciled shape on the cookie. Refrigerate and serve, tastes great when served at room temperature too. Can be refrigerated for upto2-3 days, freeze up to a month.

* Recipe adapted from Desserts-500 delicious recipes – Edited by Ann Kay


starry said...

OMG tiramisu my favoorite, never seen a cookie though.It looks so delicious felt like just helping myself to one.

Anonymous said...

Trust you to find a spin on tiramisu! Yummy!

Riot said...

Cookies and the photograph both look heavenly.

Revathi said...

Another "Wow recipe" from you.. looks melt in your mouth oh la laa !!

Smitha said...

Totally unfair........too tempting! :P~
Archana.....where do you live? I'm seriously contemplating moving to your neighborhood - at least that way i'd get to eat some of these sinfully beautiful desserts. Once again, you've gotta be the dessert queen incarnate!!

Kavitha said...

Oooooo the cookies look too tempting. Would be just perfect with my companionless cup of coffee right now. Sounds easy enough to make... i usually drool over your recipes and tell myself oh this is too complicated.

Sia said...

although i'm not a big fan of tiramisu i love the idea of using paper stencils. great shot archana. just love the simplicity of the snaps.

Vaishali said...

Tiramisu is one of my favourite desserts, which makes the cookies really interesting for me. On top of that, you have decorated them so well. Just loved your idea of using two shades of cocoa powder. Actually, I too have been toying with the idea of using stensils for garnishing. Let's see whether I manage to come up with something as creative as yours... :)

FH said...

Beautigul!Who would have thought of Tiramasu cookies?I love it.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love tiramisu, these dainty cookies looks fantastic!

Krithika said...

This is the first time I am seeing a recipe for Tiramisu cookie. Looks gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I really love the photographs... They look so beautiful and delicious. I'd love to try it, but don't know where I can get mascarpone here.. :-(

wheresmymind said...

Spontanous cookbook buying is a problem in our household :D

Nidhi said...

Love tiramisu, but never thought of making cookies for it at home. I always get those lady finger cookies from grocery store. Will definitely try your recipe for cookies. They look, just out of this world...

Thanks a lot for sharing.


Sri said...

Ohh Archana....Thankyou so much for this tiramisu cookie recipe...I love love love tiramisu , I'll definitely give it a try.

Vini K said...

Hi Archana,I love Tiramisu.this one looks great.Never heard of a tiramisu cookie.will give it a try soon.Thanks for sharing!Great photos.

Hyderabadi's said...

They look so tempting........
Can't wait to try:)

jayakarthik said...

ohhhh wow wonderful wonderful photo and wonderful recipe u shared with us
mouthwatering archana
thanks for sharing

Gattina Cheung said...

I can imagine that egg fragrance from cookie and melt-in-the-mouth feeling from cheese! The photo setting is so beautiful... my friend, you know how to melt my heart... yes, put that divine blue background up!

Mandira said...

tiramisu cookies, what a discovery and a treat archana. Thank you for sharing, I'm definitley going shopping early for my weekly grocery now ;)

Meenal Mehta said...


happy new yr :)

lovely looking cookies ,awesome job.

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
Great Looking cookies!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!!!! Tiramisu is already great!!!!And to have a cokie made of that..... can't ask for anyhting more!!! Thats super creative Archana :) Wa a lovely pic!!!!


J said...

Lip-smacking pics. Tiramisu cookies look lovely! I'm gonna try that soon.

Brilynn said...

Those look amazing, tiramisu in any form is good for me!

Bong Mom said...

Hey Archana,
Don't think I will ever be able to make such beautiful creations so just ogling at yours

Ultimate Foodie said...

U have done it again archana! my dreams are now gonna be filled with these lovely cookies ;)

The Culinary Chase said...

Decadent! That's all I have to say! Oh, and lovely photo's! Cheers!

archana said...

Starry nights
Tiramisu is my favorite dessert too. Oh, please help yourself. Thank you.

Thank you

One More Reason
Thanks a bunch

Thank you. It reallyis a melt in the mouth cookie

Thank you dear, I could definitely take up couple of more friends in my neighborhood, shall I look for a house? Thank you.

Thank you. This is way too easy to make, I am glad that you liked it.

Thank you, I loved those stencil marks too.

Thank you. Great minds think alike!

Thank you, it is Ann, not me! But I will take it for the stenciling!

Thank you

Thank you. I found this recipe for the first time in this book.

Thank you, I am glad that you liked it. As for now I am not sure about a place from you can buy Mascarpone at Cochin (But I am sure there are sources, as Tiramisu is there in many of the bakeries), have you been to Varkey’s super market? I know for sure that they sell Mozzarella and cream cheese.

Yes, we are with you in this problem!

I buy ladyfingers whenever I am making Tiramisu except for once or twice when I made it from the scratch, and for the conventional dessert still I think that ladyfingers will be the best. This is sort of a tiramisu on the go. I am glad that you liked it. Thank you.

Thank you Sri, I just adore tiramisu.

Thank you Vini, hope you like it.

Thank you.

Thank you so much Jaya

Thank you so much dear, I am soooo happy that you liked it.

That is exactly what I thought when I saw this recipe in the book. That sounds exciting, hope you like it.

Meenal Mehta
Thank you, wish you a very happy New Year.

Menu Today
Thank you MT

Thanks coffee, I have no wonder that you are excited, coffee being your name.

Thank you so much.

It is just the same with me too. Thank you.

Well Sandeepa, think again! You will do much better than this. Thank you.

Ultimate Foodie
That’s simply great, what else this post can ask for!! Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

D-E-L-I-S-H !!!!
Tiramisu is the most favorite dessert of all time. I think it is the best thing ever happened to mankind, of course only after food blogging :P

Will definitely try this.


Beki said...

I came across your blog few days ago while searching for a recipe.What a feast to the eyes. Hope you have a cook book in the works. Enjoyed every recipe and the accompanying stories. Your cakes are gorgeous.I made your black forest cake (with rasperries instead of cherries) turned out good. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

You have the knack to come up with such unique desserts, Archana. Gorgeous piture as always..:)

Shammi said...

ooohhhh... what gorgeous photos! I showed them to my husband - he's a tiramisu fan, and he immediately said i should try the recipe! :) I guess I will be doing that soon...

Happy new year, Archana, and hope to see more of your beautiful photos and beautifuller recipes! :)

Rashmi said...

wow Archana,i wish i live near you.I love any form of Triamisu.Delightful treat.

Happy Pongal to you and your loved ones!

Anonymous said...

I've tried Varkeys since it's the biggest supermarket chain in Kerala. But I couldn't find it. They have only mozzarella and cheddar. No cream cheese.

Unknown said...

Biutiful cookies!!!!!!!

SK said...

ente daivame....!! cookies look so yummmmmmyyyyyyyy...feel like biting into them...

Seema Bhat said...

Tiramasu cookies wow. Beautiful photo Archana as always.

Mishmash ! said...

Hello Archana,

I happened to see your blogspot last week and I was amazed by your food styling and photography! Cake decorating looks very professional ! I loved your stencling. Way to go!!


Mamatha said...

Hi Archana,
Lovely Tiramisu cookies - sounds easier to make than the traditional tiramisu.

If I haven't said it enough already, I must now, for the benefit of the other readers - your fruit cake was just out-of-this-world! It's perhaps the best cake (or dish even) I've ever made. I am planning to make it again next week or so.

Friends, if you haven't tried Archana's fruit cake, do give it a try - you'll be glad you did.

Sara said...

What a great idea! I would have never thought of this. I am going to try them out.

Unknown said...

Cookies n' pictures just perfect...

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

wow.Such a nice cookie.when it looks so good i wonder how goood it might taste.thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Archane, njangalude kshama pareekshikkaruthe. evide adutha recipe???

Anonymous said...

wow Archana! those just look fabulous. Tiramisu is one of my favorites in my looog list of favorite desserts :) Those cookies are just calling out to me....


Mrs. K said...

Okay! We are done with the tiramisu cookies. What's next? :)

archana said...

Thank you. I totally agree, we are in the same club.

Thank you Beki, welcome to Spicyana. OMG, a book!! Raspberries would be very nice in that recipe, I am glad that you liked it.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Shammi, I sure these are going to taste much better in your expert hands. Thank you for the good wishes; hope you are enjoying a splendid new year.

Alright, come on over! Thank you Rashmi, happy Pongal to you.

I will let you know if get some positive info on this. BTW, Amul plain cheese spread is easy to find if you are looking for a cream cheese, it is available in many bakeries, and even in milk booths.

Thank you

Thank you SK, come on grab a couple.

Thank you so much.

Welcome to Spicyana, thank you for all these nice words about this blog. Stenciling is a no fuss way to decorate, isn’t it?

This is so quick and easy, glad that you liked it. Thank you dear, you made my day, I am soooo excited that it worked well for you. Thanks a bunch again.

Sara, Maheswari, Dr. Soumya Bhat. Cascabel
Thanks you so much folks, I am so happy that you liked it.

Vidhu and Shoma
Udane…. Athayathu ethanum divassangalkkakam.

Thank you. Tiramisu is the only dessert I can’t resist

Mathanga !! Allenkil venda, oru cake ayalo?

Anonymous said...

As usual, looks gooooooooooooood. I've never tasted any tiramisu dessert. From other commentors here, sounds like, it's a mouthwatering item....so I'm gonna try this one out very soon. Thanks for sharing this recipe Archana.

Sraikh said...

Great recipe.
I tried it but my cookie spread and spread.What did I do wrong?
However it still tasted great. I added baileys to the mascarpone cheese instead of coffee/rum

Sharmi said...

amazing cookies!! great creativity.
loved your blog.
will be back for more


musical said...


This delish twist on Titamisu is amazing!

Anonymous said...

thats came out when i first looked at those tiramisu biscuits
i luv tiramisu
luv those

Prajusha said...

woh..pic looks so beautiful & yummy..thanks for sharing this recipe.

Purnima said...

Hi Archana,
I created this blog thinking i cant comment as anonym!!I truly wanted to comment on ur wonderful blog!
These cookies truly look out of this world! I had few queries...b4 i bake these! (even if the result is 1/1000 of urs!)
1.cookie batter doesnt hv leavening agent..will it b ok?
2.rum is not available here(Kuwait-for that matter even poppy seeds r not allowed,hence many dishes hv to b omitted which call for poppy seeds!)wd it b making a huge difference if opted out..silly but pls do tell me..
3.last silliest query..will the cocoa powder come off after refrigeration..or will it remain stuck to the cookie?
I hope u wont say..forget it..dont bake it..;-)
best regards..

archana said...

Hi Yummy,
Thank you for visiting this blog,i hope you will soon start posting in yours. You do not need any leavening agent, this cookie comes off flat, buttery and very crumbly when cooked. You could ofcourse omit rum eventhough the flavor defanitely improves the taste. Cocoa powder will not come off after refrigeration, but for fresher look you can springle some more soon before serving. Hope this helps. I am sure your cookies will taste and look great.

Shubha Ravikoti said...

too good... will surely try it for my hubby's birthday ..coming in sptember/..

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,
I tried your tiramisu cookie and it came out really well. However the baking time for the cookie was 15-16 min when I made it.

mrgmsc said...

Are the ingredient amounts shown in the recipe correct? 1/4C butter; 1/2C confectioners sugar; 1/2C flour and 2/3C Mascarpone cheese seems too small for 28"blobs" or 14 cookies. I'd like to try the recipe but didn't want to get into it if the ingredients were in error. Thanks for your time and assistance.

KonkaniBlogger said...

Hey Archana, Just saw this tiramisu cookie now, and just kept staring at it..Looks really great

Anonymous said...

Recently saw your photos and post
Wondered if you were aware of it...

Pavithra Elangovan said...

wow tiramisu is my very fav one and this cookies sure would my fav one too.. wish to grab from the screen.. they look awesome and i loved the recipe as well. As i am first time here just enjoyed browsing all ur recipes and especially ur clicks... will be back often to check ur yummilicious posts...



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