Cardamom - cashew cookies for CLICK May 2009

Good news alert !

I am thrilled to shreds. How could i not be, when all those fine judges at CLICK-May edition picked this photo as the second place winner in the best capture category? This might just give me the much needed inspiration to pick up the camera and shoot before i eat anything. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you judges

Card-choc cookies

Cardamom cashew cookies for CLICK , a monthly food photography event at Bee and Jai's awe-inspiring blog Jugalbandi I WILL BE BACK SOON


bee said...

beautiful!! you have mail.

Gini said...

So beautiful! Great post to come out of hibernation.

Purnima said...

Archana! WOw, YIPPPPEEEEE YAY ...the creative(st-est) food blogger is making a comeback! I m mighty thrilled! The click is awesome, loved the beatiful flowers complimenting the cookies! (U must b having great time with your kid!) Hugs! (Me who? -- > An avid fan of your pic, recipes n writeup!:D)Welcome back!!!

Sonia said...

Gorgeous cookies!:)

Vidhu and Shoma said...

After a long wait, great to see the post. Great to see your back here.

varnam said...

I should say you were the one who inspired me to join Wilton's cake decorating classes and i was always on the look out for posts from you...glad to hear from you again!!! I am an ardent fan!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that your blog is finally back! I check periodically! Drop me a line sometime soon! I would love to catch up with you! Kim S.

Nirmala said...

Oh Archana...u're back! Welcome Welcome Welcome (drum rolls please) I am sooooo happy to see u back. The cookies looks wonderful as usual :)

Purnima said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, Archana! Truly encouraging! My kids(aged 4 & 3)r fans of baked outputs! :D Hence I love baking for them! :) Again..can I have some of these yum cookies, directly frm the screen??

Anonymous said...

hey archana:

good to see that you are blogging again.


bee said...

there's something for you at jugalbandi. congrats!!

Purnima said...

CONGRATS on winning- CLICK@2nd place!! This is wotz called 'Comeback with BANG!' :)

Soma said...

Congratulations!! This was too pretty to have not won:-)

Anonymous said...

so happy to see my favourite blogger coming back ...welcome back !
a spicyana fan from s'pore

Nirmala said...

Congrats dear on Winning the CLICK ! Wishing you many more success ! So how's u're baby? Is it a boy or girl ?

Anita said...

Congrats-I'm really glad to see this post after a long time. I opened your blog today not expecting anything and was thrilled to see this....looking forward to beautiful bakes!!! Love ur cakes!

Nisa-mom said...

congratulations.. you have a beautiful picture.. well done

lan said...

another spicyana fan here. so glad to know you will be back and congrats on the win.

Rachna said...

congrats, u so deserve this!

Shabs.. said...

Hi archana...
I have come here long long back (before i started blogging)and saved so many of ur recipes and had tried ur mango mousse which came out brilliant...surprised to see this blog again....peep into my little space wen u find time:)

Komal-Nishka said...

Archana, welcome back.. I fell in love with your blog over a year back & always came back to the same entry - glad to finally see something new and congratulations. Hope to see more wonderful recipes and drooolll-worthy pictures :)

Vidya said...

First time here. wow, lovely, lovely pictures.
Regards, Vidya

archana said...

Thank you

Thanks, hope i won't go snoring again.

Thank you, this is what i missed the most. Where else will i find this kindness which keeps me going ?

Thanks Sonu

V&S, thank you dears.

Thanks a lot, i am sure you had fun at the class. Why don't you share the photos with us?

Thanks, you have my mail now

Thank you very much, i do appreciate the encouragement you guys always give me

Soma, thank you.

From Singapore
Thank you dear,next time could you please leave your name ?

Thank you very much

Thanks a lot for your kind words.

Glad that you liked the mousse, do come back again. Loved your blog.

Thank you

Couldn't thank you enough for coming back. THANK YOU !

Thanks a lot Vidya



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