JFI - Flour
Thengappal Kozhukatta- Rice dumplings in coconut milk

I am late for JFI- Flour, I almost missed it, hope Santhi lets me in. Thank you Santhi for hosting the event and selecting a fabulous theme. It is really hard to brush off flour!!!

In my home state of Kerala in south India, rice flour outdoes any other flour in the diversity of appearance in day to day meals. Be it an intricate spiral of Idiappom, or a spongy melt in the mouth Appam or an inexplicably important Puttu, rice flour reigns! There is a vast array of rice flour dishes deserving special mention right from elegant pathiris to a delightfully gritty Avalose, but the simplest of them all perhaps is the rice flour dumpling called Kozhukutta. Made sweet or savory and often steamed, these rice dumplings are too easy to make. Thengappal kozhukatta is a simpler, soupy presentation of these dumplings made by cooking rice dough balls in coconut milk. Served in coconut milk thickened with some rice flour, this recipe is all about flour, flour and more flour.

Rice flour – 1 cup + 2 tbsp
Cumin - ½ tsp
Fresh grated coconut – ½ cup
Thick coconut milk – ½ cup + 1 tbsp
Water – 3 ¼ cup
Sugar – 2-3 tbsp or Grated jaggery 1/2 cup
Cardamom – 1 pod
Salt –2 pinches

Boil a cup of water with a pinch of salt and 1/4 tsp of cumin (powdered). Turn of the heat, add grated coconut, followed by 1 cup of flour. Mix well with a strong wooden spatula, till soft dough is formed. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes. While the dough is moderately hot, form into balls in the size of a cherry. Mix 2 cups of water, 2-3 tbsp sugar, a pinch of salt and ½ cup coconut milk. Boil, add the formed dough balls and cook covered for 10 minutes. Mix 2 tbsp rice flour with ¼ cup water. Lower the heat and add the water-flour mixture to the cooked dumplings, and stir well till the gravy thickens. Remove from heat; add 1 tbsp of thick coconut milk, a pinch of ground cumin and 1 pod of crushed cardamom. Serve hot or cold.


starry said...

Brought back memories when my mother used to make these dumplings.One of my favorite. thanks for sharing , I helped myself to one.thank you.

Vineela said...

Hi Archana,
Yummy looking thengapal kozhukattai.
Thanks for sharing.

Sudha said...

Nice one archana, we share the same entry to the JFI..good isin't?there is a small variation in what i do, i add milk instead of coconut milk..Great one...Thanks for sharing.

archana said...

It worked, thank you. I am feeling much better now. Blogger is being really nasty these days, sometimes i can't even access my dahsboard.

Thank you. Your comment got deleted when i removed that post. Thank you for those kind words.

You are most welcome friend, take the whole bowl please !!!

Thank you so much

Happy coincedence !!!! Yes i noticed that, i have tasted those ones too. Delicious !!

Nabeela said...

those yummy kozhukatta balls look like purest of the pure white....must taste awesome too, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Everything that comes from your kitchen is a delight to behold, Archana!

Krithika said...

Your tengapal kozhukattai looks delicious. I was almost tempted to touch the screen and pick one.

Anonymous said...

We make the same way as Sudhav has posted, add milk.

Should definetely try your recipe too. Looks absolutely delicious Archana !!

Priya said...

yummm...they look so delicious Archana...and the recipe looks really simple, the coconut milk definitely adds a lot of richness to the kozhakattai I guess. Will try ur recipe soon...and they remind me of rasagullas ..!!!

Tanuja said...

Hi Archana,

Nice and new dish for me,thanks for sharing such a yummy dish,to see they look like rasagula:)feel like snap them away from the plate:)

Unknown said...

Delicious looking. Ur pix looks very inviting.

Anonymous said...

Your pic is beautiful as always :). thanks for sharing the recipe.

wheresmymind said...

Wait...where's the spice??

Mandira said...

Thia looks delicious Archana. Thanks for sharing. Have to try it soon

KA said...

Great recipe Archana! Nice presentation!

Ashwini said...

Those look super yummy Archana

indosungod said...

Archana, thengapal kozhukattai looks absolutely delicious, I heard of kozhukattai but not with coconut milk, learn something new everyday, super looking as always

RP said...

Yum! Kozhukkatta is my favorite. Never tried it with coconut milk. Sounds delicious.

sudha said...

Mouthwatering photos as usual. Thanks for sharing archana.

Surya Hith said...

Delicious recipe Archana,We make 'maniputtu'almost similar to this(steamed little rice balls in coconut milk)As usual,nice pictures!!

indianadoc said...

I generally dont like sweet kozhukkatta much but your kozhukkatta looks awesome...and I know it tastes too...Once again good presentation archana...

Sumitha said...

I too love these kozhukatta,we used to call these "juice" kuzhukatta,but mum makes these kozhukatta very small and makes a small depression with her little finger on it,and I used to love the coconut milk than the kozhukatta !

Orchidea said...

I like these a lot... I had them last year in S'pore, they were so good!

Shah cooks said...

another beaut from ur kitchen.. how do u do it?:) keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,
Im just another of ur blog fans who regularly chek 2 see wats new on ur blog...anyways just a comment to this recipe...i dnt know how it wud b but jaggery n coconut milk is always richer and tastier to sugar n coconut milk...wat say u???

Deetsa said...

You sweetheart, that sounds amazing! Thanks for the recipe. I love coconut.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

with coconut milk - it would definitely taste gr8..your pic again is gr8

Priya said...

Wish I cud do some magic to make it real.
I was showing to my hubby how you guys are doing a great cook blogs and he was amazed...

Very tempting!!!!

archana said...

Nabeela , Linda, Krithika

Thank you so much


I have tasted the version made with milk too, equally delicious! Thank you

Tanuja , Puspha ,Shilpa

Thanks a bunch

This is all about flour, wait, what about cumin and perhaps cardamom?

Mandira , K&A, Ashwini, ISG, RP, Sudha , Neelu,IndianDoc

Thank you for all these words of encouragement

So that’s what is called Maniputtu !! I have always wondered what it is, a dish with such a charming name. Thank you.

That’s a lovely name! Will try that “depression” technique next time.That is such a nice idea as that will hold some gravy in it. Same here too…

Orchidea, Shaheen

Thank you

Welcome to Spicyana, I am really happy to have you here. Thank you. You are absolutely right, even my mother used to make it that way. I am going to include the jaggery option in the recipe, thank you for reminding me about it Rashmi.


Thank you friend, this is indeed a coconut lover’s dessert !


Thank you friend.

Thank you so much, I truly appreciate these kind words.

Revathi said...

Not an easy picture to take but yet taken so beautifuly. Makes to gobble one up!!!! Wonderful as always.. This girl knows to cook, bake, decorate and take great pictures oh my my !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I blog all these cooking sites everyday and appreciate all you guys for sharing these wonderful receipes. I tried making this paal kozhukattai, but was a disaster. The dough balls disappeared (broke and melted) in the boiling milk. Do we have to steam them before putting it in milk? Pls clarify.
Thanks. nisha.

Blue Monkey said...

I am new to Bloggers. What is "JFI"? What is all about.


archana said...

Hi Vidya,
JFI is a food blogging event started by Indira of Mahanandi - more details here. http://www.nandyala.org/mahanandi/jihv-for-ingredients-jfi/

For more information about food blog events visit this site.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

hiya...thanks a lot 4 this recipe coz this is one of my husband's favourites.i tried it and it came out really nice thanks a lot...

Anonymous said...

good one! will surely give it a try


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