Weekend Cake Peek #2
A baby shower cake for a friend whose sugar tolerance is low ! This cake was frosted with an experimental low sugar buttercream, which started running while I was half way through decorating. I loved the texture and the taste of the frosting, but would love to add some extra strength to make it easier to handle. While I work on it, learn to make your own icing daisies here. I use buttercream instead of royal icing for making daisies. Enjoy a nice weekend everyone !


Sumitha said...

Oh Boy!What a cake;)
Archana i find it very hard to leave a comment here because....what should I say!Everything you make is just so......!!!no words,sorry Archana:)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Sumitha. You have amazing talent Archana. A great looking cake.

Mosilager said...

Hi Archana,
Thanks for the heads up about the India Today article, I am slowly working my way through it after Jose told me where my name was... have to translate it for my sister.

Become a chef in a restaurant... I would eat there every day.

Lisa Johnson said...

Beautiful blog and a beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

Its the prettiest baby shower cake i have ever seen !! Very neat work !

And same here i totally agree with Sumi & Shilpa.I'm running short of superlatives to comment on your amazing talent Archana. Iam very proud to be your bloger buddy :)

Krithika said...

What can I say that has not been already said ?You are testing my limited vocabulory :-)
A fabulous looking cake. Those flowers look real.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

I can tell, U have a lot of patience. How much time did this cake take from start to finish?

Anonymous said...

Archana!! Yet another gorgeous creation!!

starry said...

OMG..I am breathless..love this cake and especially the daisies.You are an artist and a baker no words for another.

Menu Today said...

Hi Archana,
Nice looking cake.Thank u very much for your visual treat.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ! Archana.....

Mamatha said...

Boy! Are your friends lucky or what!

Kitchenmate said...

Oh my goodness! beautiful, how could you do this???? Did you go to any class Archana....fabulous:)

Orchidea said...

It looks great! Just perfect!
You are really good in decorations!

RP said...


KA said...

Pretty cake Archana! Low sugar buttercream.. wow sounds great!

Shah cooks said...

boootiful archana, i know where to go when i want a lovely cake. what flavor was it inside?

Gattina Cheung said...

I think I'm totally addicted to your WCP!!!

Sudha said...

Ho archana, what to say, im toally speechless..How i wish i was some where near you, im sure i would have surly dropped in every weekend to help myself with some cakes...What a beauty archana...I'm totally fidaa..

Anonymous said...

Archana, oh wow, oh wow! OH WOW!

indianadoc said...

Speechless my dear!!I can only open my mouth wide for u'r cake!!

Anonymous said...

Splendiferous :-) My vocabulary is improving....Initially I didnt have enough words to leave a comment for your cakes so for sometime I stopped commenting, just used to stare at ur cakes..Now I am back with more words. Thanks to wordweb....hehehe...But really there cannot be enough praise for your creativity Archana :-)

sudha said...

I think i can't find such beautiful cake in shops. Your friend might me really proud of you for giving her such a wonderful treat.

Chandrika said...

Beautiful cake Archana! For the strength part, why not try stabilizers for whipping cream?

Anonymous said...

Great looking cake..Archana..What can I say other than staring at it and drooling...:((

SK said...

OH MY GODD !!!!! tht's such a beautiful cake...i wld feel so sad to cut it. wld like to preserve it forever.... :0)

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have that cake as my baby shower gift!! One question, the top frosting is so smooth and even, almost fondant-like...how did you get that even surface?

Vineela said...

HI Archana,
Easily Archana will do it .I love those daiseis.
You are doing wonderful job
MR. Thomas is really a lucky guy.
I like to eat archana cakes .
I dont know when ???

Nabeela said...

I love the baby-soft colors you've used on the cake Archana. They go very well with the occasion the cake was meant for.

BDSN said...

Beautiful cake Archana!! Can I place an order sometime?I wld lov to taste it!!!

archana said...


Thank you, you are actually making ME speechless. Thank you…

Thank you friend, I learn a lot from all of you.

Anytime…. I really appreciate your efforts to learn Malayalam, you truly deserve the spot they gave you in India Today. Oh, god, you are setting the bar too high for me right now, but that doesn’t really make me any less thankful!!!! So, here’s big thank you for you.

Thank you for visiting Spicyana, I am glad that you liked it.

I am glad that I know you too Priya, I just can’t tell you how much all these kind words mean to me. Thank you.

What about ‘Here’s is yet another boring cake”!!! Just kidding, thank you so much my dear friend, you are as kind as ever.

Thank you. If it was a regular buttercream cake I would have taken 1 hour to slice, fill frost and decorate the cake. But this one was different, the frosting was not very stable, so I had to shuttle it between the fridge and the table.

Thank you deary..

Starry N,
Thank you, I am super excited to hear that!

Menu Today , Madhu, Faffer

Thanks a lot friends


Thank you. Yes I did Karthi, I attended Wilton cake decoration classes offered at a nearby craft store. These are just very informal hobby classes, you can miss one if you want, or opt not to do your homework etc. If you are interested look for a Michaels craft store near you. It is real fun!!!

Orchidea , RP
Thank you so much

K& A
Thank you, let’s see if I can fix it!!

Tank U, a mild lemon-Poppy seed cake

Thank you friend, you are always such an inspiration.

Oh, that would have been wonderful!!!! I would love to do that someday!! Thank you dear.

Oh, thank you,,,, Oh, thank you……

Come on … try hard… Ha..ha.. Thank you so much, thank you….

Thank you for your kind words Anjali, I am so excited to hear it.


You are a charming witty girl, aren’t you? I always wonder what your real name is. Thank you for your sweet words KG, do come back soon.

Thank you. She liked that cake, and ate her piece with all the frosting. I was very happy about it as I know her level of sugar tolerance.

Thank you. The frosting I used is a mixture of my stabilized whipped cream (as you see in my BFC recipe) and buttercream with some other minor ingredients added. I wanted some butter cream to keep the surface smooth (whipped cream no matter how much ever stabilized it is, develops tiny air pockets as time go by)

Thank you Monish, welcome to Spicyana. I am glad that you liked the cake; I tried to go with a baby blue theme, but didn’t want too much blue in there too!

Thank you dear…..

Welcome to Spicyana, thank you for these kind words.

Welcome to SPicyana. If you were anywhere closer, I would have definitely made one for you. Sandhya , I am so relieved to hear your comment. I thought I did a bad job of smoothing the frosting , as it had too much whipped cream in it. Here is a useful link on evenly frosting cake.

Thank you

Thank you friend, you have always been my steady source of encouragement. I think I should show your comment to T!

Thank you friend, I love these baby colors!!!

Thank you so much, god, I am just head over heels with excitement!!

Unknown said...

MAMAMIA!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha that was so sweet of u Cake girl :-) Btw I am ready for a trade in...Oru 10 kg heart and beads cake thannal ethra peru venamengilum tharam :-)

Anonymous said...

Are u in the process of making a new cake?Where have u disappeared,Archana?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous!!.Boy Oh! Boy..just can't take my eyes off the picture.Archana you've done a great Job.

Anonymous said...

How much time does it take to make something like this?

Guess what..cos of you..cos only of you i asked in micheals about cake decorating and they told me 12$ for one month (4 classes)..thats dirt cheap..isint it?

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi Archana,

the cake looks yummy..and beautiful decoration.Hope i could have a instant bite..:-).Thanks for the cake reciepe.

archana said...

Grazie Pushpa !!


Mhh, 10 kilo cake-um thinnittu, Kalyanikutty-nnanu peru ennu paranju enne pattikkanalle!! Midukkiiiiiiii !!!


Thank you Annita, I am back, I am back …..

Thank you Glenna.

Thank you Lera, I truly appreciate these kind words.

You just made my day Ingi, I am so happy that you asked about Wilton course in the store. It is even cheaper than dirt!!! I guess you have to buy a supply kit separately, but even then it is unbelievably cheap. I am sure you will have grand fun in those classes, and then you will make enchanting cakes!!! I highly recommend that course Ingi. I took a little bit longer decorating time than usual for this cake , as the frosting was not very stable. If everything works well, for a cake of this size and technique I take 1 to 11/4 hrs at the most. As time goes by we all gather momentum.

Welcome to Spicyana, I am so happy that you liked the cakes. .

Manasi said...

Hi, I came across ur blog today, and saw this cake... well.... STARED and DROOLED actually! Oh Boy! Amazing! Looks so good that I just wanna dig in and eat it up.. but then... it looks sooooo damn good that it'd be a pity to cut it up :)

Anonymous said...

My god,Archana
U R really patient, creative, talented ...simply great. I wish I had that cake for my baby shower. U have a beautiful site.

Abha said...

Hey! archana
Cake is looking very beautiful.....

Nidhi said...

Was going through your blog and saw this amazing cake, which nothing but awesome...I love it and the baby blue flowers are very beautifully made.

Wonderful picture too...

Thanks, Nidhi.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,

A most beautiful "edible" baby shower cake! I make some beautiful baby shower cakes also, however, you would not be able to eat any of mine. Go to www.diapergifts.com and let me know what you think.


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