It is snowing, on a cookie !


amna said...

lovely :) what sort of cookie is that? and how do you get that lovely banner on ur pics?

evolvingtastes said...

Happy Holidays!

FH said...

Beautiful photo, looks exactly like my Vanilla butter cookie!:))
Happy holidays, enjoy.

Mishmash ! said...

Beautiful pic! Merry X;mas :)

Suganya said...

Which is fab, the cookie or you blogging. Happy Christmas Archana.

Vineela said...

Hi archana,
Congrats to you and T.
i think lil Sarah is keeping you always busy .
I know it is bit difficult to handle baby and blog.
My lil one will start pressing all the tabs of laptop .when he sleeps that is the precious time i have now a days for the past 8months.
Happy Christmas to you and your family.

archana said...

Thank you,coming soon, it is a kind of butter cookie. I use Photoshop, please mail me if you need more details.

Evolving tastes
Thank you, wish you the same

Here you are ! A post is not a post without your comment. It is yet another type of butter cookie. Hope you are having a wonderful time, happy holidays !

Thanks dear, merry Xmas to you too. Fruitcakes okkae ready ayallo allae ?

Both ! Ha, Ha,Ha. Merry Christmas to you Suganya.

Congratulations dear friend. When you went missing from the blogosphere a year ago, i had my doubts. How's your little boy doing ? What is his name? No matter how busy the life becomes, a baby is the most precious blessing you will ever get. As you said, blog and baby doesn't go very well together, but we will always try to do the best we can. Love and kisses to your little one. Happy holidays Vineela !

Purnima said...

Archana,I was missing your posts I know why!!Congrats to you and a great welcome, hugs and kissies to li'l Sarah! Keep your lens ready to click the li'l one's antics...they are a treasure to look back! Enjoy your motherhood,have a great Christmas and A Rocking New Year! (I hv yet to bake those sandwitch cookies for which I had lot of queries!Hope the time comes soon to me for baking these with my 3 yr old gal and almost 2 yr old boy around me most of the time!)

rose said...

Hi Archana,this is Rose, Paul's wife. I went through your blog and all I can say is Wow!!! The pics here look so good, I think I'm gonna try some of your recipes :).
Take care and a Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

hi archana,i an new in ur blog..i was enjoying each and every pics..ur presentation is fabulous!!! i got a lot of recipes too..waiting to try it..from today onwards i will be a regular visitor in ur blog..
Happy X'mas and Happy New Year!

Sabra said...

That is a fabulous and very creative shot!

Suganya said...

You came back... With a bang. Congratulations on your well-deserved win, Archana.


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