Melting moments

I wish for a white Christmas (especially so since we spend time at home on the day) every December even after knowing that the odds are against me. National weather service forecast office predicts a desperately low probability of 0.8 % for seeing snow in Portland on Christmas day. The last white Christmas here was in 1937, so we just do not have high hopes. Yet, I wish!

In our kitchen it was snowing though, I spend most of my time yesterday (which isn’t much these days), making melting moments. There is something ethereal to the look of these cookies sitting on a baking sheet, clad in a fine dust of confectionary sugar. There is no other cookie which lives up to its name as this one does, practically crumbling and melting away in your mouth. I flavored one giant batch with cardamom and another with coffee, two of my favorite flavors. My personal pick is cardamom, but coffee went neck and neck for the honor. We have packed cookie bags for our friends , fruitcake is ready, crib and tree are set. Come on Christmas !
Thank you all for a fantastic year of companionship, for your hearty comments, lovely mails and of course for visiting a blog that was silent for the most part of the year. We wish you all a jovial season filled with merriment, laughter, good food, and company. May the love and abundance of this season be with you through the coming New Year . Thank you.

Recipe I used is from Joy of Baking website. For a batch of cardamom flavored cookies, I added 12 tsp of freshly ground cardamom seeds to the basic recipe. For making coffee cookies, add 21/2 tsp of instant coffee granules instead.


amna said...

lovely! i used to make melting moments when i was in college. they never looked so fat and chubby though. these are so cute :)

have a wonderful holiday season!

Inji Pennu said...

nggeeeeee..enikkum tharo aa chonna cookie bag? :)
merry christmas to kunjivaavaas appan and amma and vaava

FH said...

Looks yum. Enjoy. Merry Christmas!:))

Bharathy said...

Wishing you the same! :)

Anonymous said...


Here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. You are truly an inspiration to all.


archana said...

Thank you. Keeping the dough in the fridge for atleast one hour helps these cookies to hold shape while baking. Enjoy the holidays !

Tharallo ! Address tharu, allenkil pinnae Cistina- enno, Maximus enno okkae ezhuthi post cheythittu Vatincan-ilo, Greece-lo poyalo ! Merry Xmas Ingikutty, hugs .

Thank you, merry Christmas to you.

Thank you, have fun.

Thanks a bunch. We wish you a very merry Christmas.

Vineela said...

hai archana,
Happy christmas and happy new year to you and your family.kisses and blessings to
little angle sarah.
love your gift packs with yummy cookies.
we named our little boy as Akshay.
as you said babies are precious.
thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mamatha said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours Archana.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Wow! So you had a wonderful christmas this year huh? Little Sarah's first party, right? Those cookies and it's gift bag looks so good. Lucky friends!


Sraikh said...

My dough is in the fridge. My girls cant wait ti help me sprinkle the sugar on the top.
We made it plain.
BTW, here in Boulder, its been snowing non stop since Xmas day, you can have most of it. I am sick of the snow :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!! I havent seen such beautiful flowers before!! Great job!!


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