A very rustic flatbread

Some of the true gems of Indian cuisine are never to be found in restaurants, here is an example. This is akin to my child saying five times a day that “Amma you are the best ’. Has she made a study in comparison? No ! Do I doubt the genuineness of that statement for a split second,not a bit ! So all I am saying is, this rich in coconut, whole wheat flatbread made in a cast iron pan is a national treasure :). Just kidding, but it is really good.

This flatbread goes by the name “Roti” in my house, not overly helpful of a pointer I know. The whole wheat flour in the recipe is an absolute must and so is the requirement of a cast iron pan to make it. We used to get freshly ground wheat from the local flour mill back in the days, which was coarse, wholesome and just perfect for making this bread. 


Cast iron pan - You absolutely need it to make it

Whole wheat flour - 1 ½ cup

Grated coconut - 1 cup

Coarsely crushed cumin - 1/2 tsp.

Coconut oil - 2-3 tbsp.

Salt - ¼ tsp.

Water- to make the dough and also for shaping the bread

Mix whole wheat flour with salt,grated coconut and cumin. Make a soft and sticky dough by adding  1 to 1 1/4 cup water. Divide the dough into 3 equal portions. Spread some oil on the cast iron pan and heat. When the pan is ready ( sprinkle some water, it should sizzle),take one portion of the dough and place it right at the middle of the pan. Using your hand dipped in cold water, spread the dough to a 1/4 inch thick round. Cook at high heat till the edges of the bread looks cooked - the center will still look uncooked. At this point sprinkle about ½ tsp coconut oil on top of the bread, and turn over. Turn the heat to low, and cook the bread till it is is fully cooked through ( about 4 minutes). Quickly turn the bread and cook for 1 more minute in the other side. Serve immediately with any curry you happen to have in stock or as an over indulgence involving even more coconut, with a crushed coconut chutney. The chutney is made by pulsing ¼ cup grated coconut with one green chilly, 2 curry leaves, ⅓ tbsp chopped ginger, and a pinch of salt together in a food processor.



Unknown said...

Hi Archana,
We call this Oratti.. don't know whether you missed out hearing the Ó' from your mom. :)
For people like me who are not seasoned cooks, you can actually spread the dough on a banana leaf or a parchment paper, and then turn it on to the pan and take off the leaf/paper as it gets cooked. Pan is a must. See you more often this year. Keep blogging.

Archana said...

That very well could be it Malaika :)In our neck of the woods orotti is made with rice flour,in the way you described, may be they skipped using the "O" for its wheat cousin


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