Quick Mango Phirni

I have hit upon a writer’s block :) This I presume is due to the thirty eight sentences I wrote in this bog in the past one month. This too shall pass, but for now here is a recipe for a quick “phirni”ish dessert, a flash drama in leftovers.

1 cup - leftover cooked rice straight out of the fridge

3/4 cup - ripe mango chopped

¼ cup - condensed milk

2 tbsp. - crushed/shaved almonds

Cardamom powder - a pinch

The rice needs to be cold to get the right texture for the dessert. In a food processor pulse rice and mangoes with 1/ 4 cup water till the rice is coarsely ground (aim for the cooked grain to be chopped into 5-6 pieces). Transfer the ground mixture to a bowl, add condensed milk, cardamom powder and almonds. Mix well, refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving. I love to serve it with more toasted nuts and mango pieces on top. Pistachios work great in this recipe too.

Makes 6 shot glass servings + a little more




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