Blackberry Rock -for Sugar High Friday # 21

I have lived through a number of reasonably and irrationally hot summers, however enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea was never postponed due to an accidental rise in mercury. At the same time my appreciation for frozen desserts and icy drinks has gradually gone up in the last few years. I am always game for a granita, not to mention a coffee granita ! Last weekend was unusually hot and humid, and our fridge was well stocked up with freshly picked blackberries. Making the best out of both situations we made this semi frozen blackberry rock to send in to the 21st SHF event hosted by talented and witty "The Delicious Life" . You guessed right, the theme this time is ICE ICE BABY!!

This is a berry rich dessert, tastes best when made with blackberries, but any other type will do just fine.

Blackberries coarsely crushed 1 cup
Yogurt ½ cup
Sugar 1 tbsp (or to your requirement)
Ginger juice ¼ tsp
Milk 1 tbsp

Mix everything together. Freeze for 2-3 hours or till the mixture is slushy.



Anonymous said...

Hi Archana,
Looks Lovely and yet simple to make. Thanks.

Sree said...

Awesome blog! Great recipes and cool photography! going to be a regular now

indosungod said...

love reading your writeups, it is hot here and makes me want to try out your Blackberry Rock right away

Anonymous said...

oooh! This recipe looks very complicated...looks like something I can make!

Priya said...

Pretty good girl You have 2 talents: cooking and photography.

Its time for you to write a book about it.

Good Luck!!!

wheresmymind said...

Graet presentation...looks like something from a fancy restaurant :D

Surya Hith said...

Great recipe..Great Picture!!I will try it for sure.

Nabeela said...

yummmmmy! it looks gorgeous!

starry said...

You have done it again.awesome picture and a great recipe.will have to make it today. it is really hot, hot hot out here.I am cooking.

Sudha said...

nice one archana. photo looks great...

Anonymous said...

Nice attractive dessert Archana..anybody will fall for it..:))

Rajesh &Shankari said...

What a simple & yet beautiful recipe!

Neelu said...

Hi Archan....Beautiful Picture, Why do your pictures make me feel the item is right in front of me ? They r soo lively....please tell me the trick so That I learn some good photography tooo along with your mouthwatering recipes

Gattina Cheung said...

What a luscious dessert! I agree too, you've made an attractive presentation. And by adding ginger juice, you're so clever, definitely give this dessert a depth!

RP said...

Looks wonderful! Yummy...and healthy too.
Hey, didn't you check your email yet? Didn't hear anything after that. :)

Vineela said...

Hi Archana,
Nice and easy dessert.
Beautiful presentation.
Thanks for mentioning that you liked vadai curry.

RP said...

Got your message, a test dose has been sent to your gmail. Did you get it?

Unknown said...

That looks super duper yummy!!!!

Krithika said...

Great recipe and presentation !

Anonymous said...

This looks very easy to me. Nice picture as always :).

Anonymous said...

Lovely presentation. This one seems to be easy too. Thank you for the recipe.

KA said...

Great presentation Archana!

Shah cooks said...

looks like the perfect thing to make when the heat goes up. Thanks

Adithyan said...

You got a superb blog, tempting I must admit :_)

Btw, I am the one who put up that template description post. Just compiled it at a spur of the moments’ inspiration. Its painstakingly long. I quit doing it half way ;_) Its not actually complete. Havnt felt up to completing it. In case you are interested, you can translate it and put it in your blog. Its copy left :-D

Saw your comment only now. Our comments are sent to a comment aggregator and not to individual ids.

sudha said...

Your recipes are different and attractive. Photos are awesome. The list of recipes i want to try from your blog is growing with each of your post. Thanks for sharing.

Nabeela said...

Hi Archana. I have a it ok if I download your blackberry-rock picture and make it my wallpaper?

Ekta said...

hmmm...looks yummy..I had a blckberry milkshake this week and was yummmmyyy!

archana said...

It is, indeed.. Thank you

Thank you for visiting Spicyana, please do come again. BTW, I am totally amazed to see your blog. WHAT A TALENT!!!!.

Thank you, hope you like it.

I tried my level best to complicate it LG. You can make almost anything, are you trying to flatter me little girl. Haa…Ha….


Thank you soo much friend, I am truly humbled, you are very kind.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much

Starry N,
Thank you, I am so happy to hear that ( sorry that it is too hot there…)


Thanks a bunch friends.

Thank you Neelu, I am really touched by your comment. I really don’t have much idea about fine food photography. Only special thing about this is that I try to take these pics in sunlight, at least most of it. I can’t really do many adjustments with the lens or aperture or anything else, as my camera( a point and shoot digi) would not permit it. I will be glad to help with what I know Neelu..

Gattina said...
Thank you friend, you are right, ginger really kicks up the berry flavor.

RP said...
Thank you RP. Now we know !!!!!


Thank you. Vada curry was soooo good, we will be making it over and over again. Thank you once again.

Pushpa,Krithika,Shilpa, Priya, K&A,Shaheen

Thank you soooo much.

Thank you for visiting Spicyana, I am glad that you liked it. You need no introduction, that is the simplest and most useful writeup I read about the template. Thanks again for doing it. That’s going to be a big task for a newbie like me, still let’s see… Thank you

Thank you so much, I am so happy to hear this.

Oh, yes absolutely!!!!! Thank you dear…..

Thank you, blackberry shake is yummy and lovely !!

Kuan Gung said... could get very hungry here real quick...nice photos...

Anonymous said...

Hubba ! Hubba ! Hubba!
Look at how wonderful that is .. Absolutely S***

Too good a presentation !!!

Nabeela said...

Thank you Archana. Your picture brightned up my laptop considerably!

indianadoc said...

soooooo 'simble'?!! this, i can try definitely....u'r cakes are a beauty to watch..and I just keep watching.... and watching and watching.....but no guts to start baking those hifi cakes...only chottu chottu vanilla cakes for now :(

Sumitha said...

Oh Lovely!You make a simple dish look so Awesome Archana!This one I definetly cant miss trying it:)

Margie said...

Oh... I will have to make this.
Looks so good and yummy!
And... your picture... beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow Archana!I think u can make any kind of dish look beautiful with ur presentation and photography.
I'm visiting ur blog after a looong time,great to see all these wonderful recipes.

Vineela said...

HI archana,
Made your "Kothu parota"
MMMMMMMMMMM.thank you.
Its weekend surprise to my hubby.
Happy Weekend.

Revathi said...

Just could not pass over wihtout commenting on this one.. It just looks soooo fabulous..

Deetsa said...

Oh my! YOu caught my attention with that picture! Yum! I only just saw you came to my blog yesterday so I thought I'd return the visit. I've linked to you and will be returning often :D

archana said...

Kuan Gung said...
Welcome to Spicyana, thank you for all the encouragement

Thank you friend.

Thank you, you made my day !!


Shynee, if you can make a dashing layered pathiri, these cakes will be a breeze to make. Thank you dear

Sumitha Shibu
Please do try it Sumi, thank you

Thank you for visiting Spicyana, thanks again for these kind words.

Hellooooo, welcome back friend. Hope you are all settled in the new place. Thank you for all these words of encouragement, you have always been kind to me from the very beginning. Thank you.

Thank you for letting me know Vineela, I am soooo happy that you liked it.

Thank you so much

Welcome to Spicyana, I visit your blog often. I am glad that you liked your trip to this blog.

Vaishali said...

Oh, that's such a lovely looking rock, Archana! You *ROCK*!

Anonymous said...

I love the way that looks--and adding the ginger juice is fabulous. That lends a different taste to it. Wonderful photo too.

Reeta Skeeter said...

It looks soooooooo yummmmmmm..... gr8 recipe too!!!


Krithika said...


I am unable to comment on your new post(spinach dosa). Keep getting an error message "sorry your request cannot be completed"

Saleem Pothiwala said...

excellent recipes... and pictures are just awesome :-)

keep up the good work

Krithika said...


When blogger gives me trouble while uploading pics I directly paste my image code to the edit html page. Since you are linking from Flickr, your image is not stored in blogspot. Let me know if you need any help. email id is

Anonymous said...

Mmm! Beautiful...It's delicious and easy ... and Archana btw, the picture is great!

Anonymous said...

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